What is the CPCC Press?
The CPCC Press was established in September 2003 with its first publication hitting the shelves in January 2004. The Press provides CPCC faculty and staff the opportunity to have their work published. We are the alternative to the expense or personal risk of self-publishing and the competitiveness of large publishers. We are fully funded and operated by the CPCC Services Corporation, a 501c3 department of Central Piedmont Community College.

How does it work?
Read and follow our Submission Guidelines. Submit your completed Author Questionnaire with the first 35-50 pages or first two (2) chapters, whichever is greater, in hard copy and your complete manuscript on FLASH DRIVE to CPCC Press – Post Office Box 35009 Charlotte, NC 28235, or you may deliver to our office on CPCC Central Campus. Your submission requires six (6) copies of your manuscript submission and a completed author questionnaire.

Who pays for what?
The CPCC Press assumes most if not all expenses related to the final published work. There may be some exceptions which are worked out prior to publication between the Press and the author. In most cases, the exceptions are artists/illustrator expenses.

What’s in it for the author?
The author has an opportunity to see his/her work in published form, registered with an ISBN, represented on the CPCC Services Corporation website and sold in CPCC campus bookstores, online (Amazon), via e-blasts to Community Colleges nationwide and at college events such as Sensoria. Authors are not paid advances as larger, more prestigious publishers may offer; however they do earn a percentage of net sales comparable to mass markets. Authors of required text materials earn a royalty and in some cases, so does their department.

I’ve submitted my work, when do I find out if it’s accepted?
The submission process can be a lengthy one. It is hard to remain patient, but unfortunately, due to high volumes of submissions and interest, review periods can last anywhere from one to eight (8) months. The CPCC Press currently accepts manuscripts throughout the year. The deadline for next year publication consideration is August 1st.

What can I expect if I’m turned down?
The CPCC Press understands just how much work and passion goes into writing a book. We also know that the best result from being turned down is the invaluable constructive feedback from our esteemed Editorial Review Board. Therefore, you can expect a letter of regret as well as the remarks made by the board for the purpose of improving upon your work and the possibility of resubmitting it in the future.

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